Goodyear Welted Method for over sixty years

A matter of style

“You can realize someone is a Gentleman by the shoes he wears..

I’ve always thought that it is true. Since I was a kid I always gazed Gentlemen’s shoes.
Soon I decided that watching was not enough.

It was 1947.

My dream was making shoes, shoes for gentlemen.
I made that dream come true and now I want to share it with you.”

Cesare Baroli

Artisan Technology

The quality of our shoes is the result of drawing together the traditional Goodyer manufacturing with the best of footwear production technologies.

We count on Cad Cam system to design and cut our shoes models; we use ecological water adhesive and premium anallergic tanned leather to achieve the best of quality. Our practice, coming for more than 60 years working in the footwear artisan field, leads us in our everyday challenge.

Goodear welted method

This valuable manufacturing method has its roots in the old craftsman’s workshops that once flourished in the area where the company still reside. Cesare Baroli 1947 embrace the old tradition of the Goodyear method.
The distinctive feature of this technique is the double stitching of the outsole by means of a welt, the leather band which goes all over the lower border line of the shoe. This makes of the upper, the inner sole and the outsole, all made of real Italian leather, a unique piece molded to be a classic, a seal of elegance in menswear.
We also love to highlight the robustness and long lasting, which are proper features of the Goodyer shoes.
Our philosophy has nothing to do with consumerism: we build shoes which are good value for money and a durable item to get attached to.

Made to measure

Italian says “If you were in my suit” while English says “If you were in my shoes”, and this tells us much about English comfortable shoes culture. In our workshop our everyday challenge is to put together this “comfort culture” with traditional Italian craftsmanship.
Committing yourself to have a pair of made to measure shoes it is a real pleasure: those shoes would be comfortable at most and those shoes would really have the aspect you wish.

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100% Made in Italy


The brand 100% MADE IN ITALY ,promoted from the Confartigianato association, is meant to get to the customer full guarantee of the Italian origin and quality of a product. This certification comes from the demand for transparency and respect of the consumers. It is also an indispensable act of communication which certify the value of our entire production. It is only by means of a correct and precise information, that the customers can trace, that “Made in Italy” would keep its reliability. Products with that trademark stamped on displays their real value which is an extra: being entirely made in Italy they guarantee Italian productive quality, brilliant creativity, and unmistakable “Made in Italy” style.

As per art. 16 law 166/2009 IN DEFENCE OF THE CUSTOMER AND OF THE SMALL BUSINESS: “ A manufacturer could put the “100% MADE IN ITALY“ trademark on its goods only in the case it is entirely designed, produced and packed in Italy. On the contrary the manufacturer is committing a crime and it would be subject to administrative or criminal penalties”.

For the Cesare Baroli 1947 brand the 100% MADE IN ITALY certification came naturally. Every single phase of the creation of a pair of our shoes is made by the expert hands of an artisan in our workshop in Piedmont.