Cesare Baroli 1947

Artisan knowledge.

Get yourself an emotion.

In each of the Cesare Baroli 1947 corner shop could be experienced the direct customer- manufacturer relationship that could guarantee full satisfaction of a customer’s needs. We offer a product to be created on the basis of customer’s wishes. This represent a real investment on originality.

Every one of the Cesare Baroli 1947 models shows in every detail the customer’s taste. Choosing the model, the leather and its colors, the finishing details, determining the fitting and finding matching accessories somebody’s personality comes right up in the final result.

Made to measure.

Determining the right size of the feet comes to be, possibly, the most important step on the way of creating a customized pair of shoes. The last, which would be the result of the measurements taken accordingly, would be the real substitute of the customer’s foot during the working process. This very moment becomes a sort of ceremony in-between simplicity and tradition, it is the decisive step towards the creation of a unique piece.

All the measurements and notes taken will be part of the personal file of each of our customers, this enable us to reproduce the perfect comfort at each new pair of Ceasare Baroli 1947 shoes.


The last determines both the internal dimensions and the external shape of the shoe. In order to do so it is prepared in accordance to the measurements taken on both feet.

During the production phase, the main function of the last is to take the place of the foot as a working surface. On it leather components, which are bi-dimensional, achieve plastic form. The last it is also very important from the style side, it could vary following fashion trends and esthetic requirements.

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As for the last, also the choice of the model comes generally from somebody’s personal taste. Nonetheless, following experts suggestions on the model which fits best on feet, could be sometimes a winning strategy.

A shoe model is determined from the way it is tied, from the number of pieces which form the upper and from the absence or presence of any brogueing or decorative pattern.

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A wide selection of different leathers would be at customer disposal. The most classic and mainly used, the box calf could be given different finishes. A mention must be done about Cordovan leather (rear or croup horse leather with reverse finish),one of the most expensive ones, which boasts outstanding qualities both from esthetic and functional sides.

A large number of exotic leathers follows: alligator, stingray fish with contrast dorsal fin, ostrich leather, even elephant leather. Any coupling between different leathers and colors is possible. Also matching leather with fabric inserts could be an idea, to create the perfect match with shoes and jacket or trousers worn.

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Goodyear Welted Method actually refers to the process of outsole assembling. This underlines the importance that this element assume. In this particular shoes manufacturing the upper and the outsole make a unique piece by means of stitchings which convey to the final product a great solidity.

Combining such a prestigious technique with bespoke features, of the outsole as well, the opportunity of a full comfort is given.

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Bespoke service

Last but not least in such a large number of options creating your shoe model, here are some more personal details for your bespoke shoes:

  • Design of specific brogues or decorative pattern
  • Different finishing (classic finish, antique finish or streaky/worn out finish)
  • Monogram “tattoo” on top part of the upper
  • First letter initial pin in silver or gold
  • Embroideries

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