Chosing to have feet firmly
on the ground

The outsole: a matter of grip.

Although quite a number of aspects could be chosen while manufacturing shoe outsole, the most important element remains the kind of leather used.

The Cesare Baroli 1947 outsole it is made of “Flex” Italian full grain leather, which guarantee long lasting with a good compromise between flexibility, abrasion resistance and finishes render.


Genuine leather outsole with rubber/leather heel.

This is the most wanted outsole, as it offers maximum comfort for flexibility and transpiration, also it is a msut for elegant style.


Bi-color leather outsole.

Bi-color leather outsole: a matter of finesse, for real shoes passionate.


Leather outsole with rubber inserts.

Combining a good grip even on slippery surfaces and the transpiration aspect and elegance proper of leather.


Leather outsole with half rubber plant.

The best option for rainy periods, light but preserving at best the foot from wet and slippery surfaces.


Leather outsole with thick half rubber plant.

Similar to previous solution but using a thicker rubber plant with a particular carving for perfect adherence.


Full rubber plant over leather outsole.

The particular texture makes it perfect to be used on slippery or wet grounds.


Double rubber plant over leather outsole.

This outsoles is made of two different layers: the first one is made of leather, the second one is made of thick rubber for real thermic insulation.


Full carved rubber plant over leather outsole.

For sportish or working shoes, perfect even on rough grounds.


Para rubber outsole.

For a casual, informal style, perferct for isolation and comfort due to the consistence of this particular rubber.