Shoes meant for long lasting.

Care and polishing.

The peculiar manufacturing process and the high quality of materials guarantee long lasting for Cesare Baroli 1947 shoes. Here following few steps for the care of your Cesare Baroli 1947 shoes.

First, shoes needs to be prepared for polishing, this means removing all superficial dirt ( dry mud, etc.) using a pig bristles brush.

Then use the sea sponge (supplied in the shoe care set) slightly wet to spread the polish with circular, uniform wipes. The leather needs at least ten minutes to absorb the right amount of polish, after that time exceeding polish should be removed with a cotton cloth. Wipe few minutes with the cotton cloth to make shoes shine.

The sea sponge and the cotton cloth could be washed with water and soap. At any rates it is advisable to have as many sea sponge and cotton cloth as many different polish colors are used.

For suede shoes it is advisable to use a pure bristle and brass brush, wipe gently.

Daily use

After daily use do remember to place the shoe tree, of which every pair of shoes is equipped with.

Prolonged use

After prolonged use it is advisable to let the shoes rest and get dry from perspiration leaving them off for a couple of days with the shoe tree in. Same treatment should be reserved for shoes which got soaked.


Brush gently dry shoes then spread the supplied shoe polish with uniform wipes using a slightly wet sea sponge or a woolen cloth. Leave them resting for 10/15 minutes then polish with a natural bristles brush or a soft woolen cloth.
When resoling becomes necessary , please contact our workshop or ask a qualified cobbler