Details make the difference

A perfect match.

Matching belt

It is common sense that details can make the difference. It is also true that a detail could reveal authenticity.
What about an everyday accessory as a belt? Of course it could! Cesare Baroli 1947 could make of a pair of shoes and a belt a perfect “set” , using same leather and same shade of color. This is always part of the made to measure service, using always high quality materials as, for back calf leather for belt reverse, and solid brass buckles.

Shoes to be handled with kid gloves.


Il kit di manutenzione

With each of our pair of shoes comes along a proper care and maintenance set. By using it regularly it would help maintaining in good condition softness, flexibility and gleam of the shoes.
For those who are passionate about shoes, some simple operation for shoe care could become a pleasant habit that helps leaving every day issues behind, even if just for a little while

Care and polishing

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…like a youth Elixir… for your shoes…

Resoling service

Wearing Cesare Baroli 1947 shoes you felt pampered and could really enjoy wearing stylish and elegant shoes, extremely comfortable and durable. Although long lasting and made carefully our shoes would lately got worn out.
We offer different resoling standards: from heel replacement, to the entire replacement of the outsole and of the welt as well. While restoring operations take place the original lasts, those used during the production, are placed again in the shoes. This is a very important aspect, it could be compared to an anti-ageing therapy, but for your shoes.
It may happens to wonder if it is really worth to go through such extensive repairs. Our experience tells us that nothing could be compared to a comfortable pair of shoes where your feet feels like home. Also, after those repairs shoes actually live a second youth.