A personal choice.

You can’t judge a book by its cover but details make the difference.

As for the last, also the choice of the model comes generally from somebody’s personal taste. Nonetheless, following experts suggestions on the model which fits best on feet, could be sometimes a winning strategy.

A shoe model is determined from the way it is tied, from the number of pieces which form the upper and from the absence or presence of any brogueing or decorative pattern.

The timeless “Big Five”.


The Oxford is regarded as is the characteristically English shoe which main feature is the closed lacing. It is possibly the most elegant style for men’s shoes. When full or semi brogued it tends to be less formal. Within this category we could distinguish between shoes uppers made from a unique piece of leather, Wholecut, and those made from more leather parts stitched together.


A model with open lacing, this way putting shoes on tends to be quite easy. Those with four or six eyelets tends to underline length of the foot as the vamp shows up a bit more. Those with just three eyelets are definitely for a more elegant style. As for the Oxford shoes, decorative brogues make the shoes more casual.

Slip on/Loafer

An indispensable element for a casual look. This particular shoe, very comfortable and handy as there are no laces, could have plain vamp (loafer) or there could be a hand stitching over the vamp (moccasin).

MonkStrap/Buckle Derby

This is a particular shoe tipology where quarters are held together by means of buckles. It is much appreciated for it adhere perfectly to the upper part of the foot and for the buckles are quite more handy with respect to laces. It is indeed halfway between formal tied on shoes and casual moccasin.


Perfect for winter season, boots were actually born to protect feet from unpleasant wether, for it covers not only the foot but part of the ankle as well (standard 5 10 cm up the ankle). Boots could follow the Derby or Oxford stile, or could be totally closed with an elastic band, stitched on both inner and outer sides of the boot to let the foot get in easily (Chelsea Boot).

Decorative pattern.

All these different shoes styles could present decorative patterns that could be divided into: plain quarter, semi brogue quarter, full brogue quarter.

Difference on toe top.

Same partition used for quarters could be applied to toe cap.