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Where history meets technology

1947. In the postwar period, a man and his challenge.

In 1947 Cesare Baroli started his challenge opening a small business based on cutting leather uppers in Gargallo, a village in the northern part of Italy which, at that time, counted a large number of master shoemakers. Over the years the experience in the art of making shoes increased and the business increased as well reaching the production of shoes which required the most credited techniques. The company boasts also the collaboration with famous Italian Fashion brands.

A company with a story and that believes in the future. Investing in technologies is a valid option also for a traditional family business which artisan manufacturing values would keep the main place.

The value behind a label.


Our shoes are made to measure by the hands of expert artisans and they express the taste and the style of those who wear them. Our knowledge and expertise follows customers’ wishes and needs combining the choice of the last and the model, the choice of the leather and its colour, with the traditional Goodyear manufacturing.

In the quest for style we care about every detail: from the finishing of the welt and of the outsole, to the study and elaboration of every bespoke feature the pair of shoes might have. From this particular attention come the exclusivity and personality that each one of our creations have.


Cesare Baroli 1947 rediscover the importance to combine the Italian artisan craftsmanship with the best of technology. This enable us to develop for the best the highest expression of Goodyear Welted method: the customized made to measure service.

Elements like 2D CAD Cutting System and 3D Engineering Device have been put side by side to the most part of procedures still handmade, of which highest expression are handmade openwork decorating some of our most wanted models.

Artisan Excellence.

cesarebaroli_eccellenza_artigianaIn November 2008 Piedmont Region awarded our company with the certificate of Artisan Excellence. This is a distinctive mark, feature of a high quality production. This award has been established to help guarantee the origin of a product, to increase customer’s trust, to highlight and distinguish different products on national and international markets.