Leather: a matter of tact.

Box calf leather: a must.

A wide selection of different leathers would be at customer disposal. The most classic and mainly used, the box calf could be given different finishes. A mention must be done about Cordovan leather (rear or croup horse leather with reverse finish),one of the most expensive ones, which boasts outstanding qualities both from esthetic and functional sides.
A large number of exotic leathers follows: alligator, stingray fish with contrast dorsal fin, ostrich leather, even elephant leather. Any coupling between different leathers and colors is possible. Also matching leather with fabric inserts could be an idea, to create the perfect match with shoes and jacket or trousers worn.

Box Calf

Classic box calf, full grain aniline tanned ,1.2/1.4 mm thick generally is the standard leather for elegant shoes, it ensures a good level of shine.
It could be treated in order to achieve three different finishes: the most traditional one for a uniform shiny effect, a different shiny finish but with some scratches of color and a last one, deriving from mixing shades of colors directly on the shoes, for a shading, warm final effect.

Waxed soft Calf

Always full grain calf leather but with waxed finishes, 1.4/1.5 mm thick, this is a valid alternative to box calf, very soft and comfortable, for a perfect fit. At a first glance it could appear totally mat but if properly brushed it gains a proper gleam.

Reverse Calf

Top full grain reversed calf leather, suede finish, extremely soft to the touch. This leather has proper adaptability features which makes a reverse suede shoes fits like a glove. Suede surface is not only soft but confer to each color warm, vivid shades.

Brushed Calfskin

Calf leather with a particular varnish finish which could be monochrome or either shading. Choosing the monochrome effect the result would be uniform and extremely shiny, while the shading effect would give a bicolor, shiny appearance to the shoes.
This leather is not as soft as those previously mentioned, it render a great esthetic effect but feet would need a little more time to get real comfort in the shoes.

Not just calf…

Although very practical, comfortable and versatile calf leather could just be a start.
For those looking for something different, maybe unique, they could be spoilt by choice. We manufactured amazing crocodile shoes, we found the genuine Cordovan leather, all leathers where adding something is like taking out some of their real beauty. And how to forget the charm of tweed or cashmere fabrics? If used for a tailored jacket or trousers why not add it as insert in the perfect matching shoes?