The Last

the origin of the shoe

The last: an abstract copy of the human foot.

The last determines both the internal dimensions and the external shape of the shoe. In order to do so it is prepared in accordance to the measurements taken on both feet.
During the production phase, the main function of the last is to take the place of the foot as a working surface. On it leather components, which are bi-dimensional, achieve plastic form. The last it is also very important from the style side, it could vary following fashion trends and esthetic requirements

Different lasts for different tastes.

Last 246

Classic English style last, with short toe cap, slightly squared and lightly inside slanting collar.

Last 214

Same feature of last 246 except for the toe cap which tends to be a bit more sharp.

Last 157

Again a variation of last 246, here the sole is a bit larger with rounded toe cap.

Last 176

Last with lean sole which underlines its length also by means of a slight camber towards the toe cap.

Last 078

Last with a very comfortable sole, toe cap stretches out and is flat and squared.

Last 179

This is indicated also as “foot last” as its shape follows foot outline, both on the inner side and on the outer side.

Last 002

This last is a variation of the “foot last” but it is a bit shorter, the sole is larger and it has a rounded and a little bulging toe cap, an element which was typical of the American workers shoes of the 50’-60’.

Last 003

This last is meant for loafers, its main features is the loose sole and a low, squared toe cap.

Last 248

Tapered last with a high, pointy toe cap.

Last 054

Last with high instep, large outsole and oval toe cap.

Last 099

Here is our new last, combining wide sole comfort with typical Italian style tapered line.

Last 401

This is the women variation of last 002.

Last 037

This is the women variation of last 246.

Last 363

This is the women variation of last 078.