Did you know that Alligator and  Crocodile are extremely different?

This is referred to their skin. There are a few important differences between crocodile and alligator skins:

Main difference between alligator and crocodile skin is that the alligator has an umbilical scar in the middle of the belly. It looks like a cluster of very tiny scales in a triangular shape. Crocodile have sensory organ pores which usually contain a tiny hair. That helps the crocodile sense its surroundings. Tanning remove the hair but the pore remain like a tiny hole in each scale.

Alligator could only be found in some areas of the South of USA, therefore it is not so widespread, while crocodile lives in Egypt, South America and Australia. American Alligator skin is much nicer, scale patterns are more symmetrical, its skin is softer and thicker with respect to crocodile’s skin, for this reason it is also more expensive.

We are always looking for the best and between Alligator and Crocodile we have no doubts about what to offer you.