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New last, new Look

23 March 2016 | Do you know?
Did You know that... We have just created a new last, which combine wide sole comfort with typical Italian style tapered line. Last 099:
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Go Green: Resole

17 February 2016 | Do you know?
Did You know that our shoes may have an ecologic aspect? Our shoes are made for long lasting: we produce them using great quality, traceable materials and they are made...
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Alligator vs Crocodile

20 November 2015 | Do you know?
Did you know that Alligator and  Crocodile are extremely different? This is referred to their skin. There are a few important differences between crocodile and alligator skins: Main difference between...
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Shoes components

9 July 2015 | Do you know?
There are many pieces composing a shoe, many of which could not be seen from the outer part of it. The picture aside shows a shoe section where all layers...
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The shoe tree

9 July 2015 | Do you know?
It is extremely important to use the shoe tree. To extend the life a pair of shoes implies taking care of the inner part as well as for the outer...
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Styles of lacing

9 July 2015 | Do you know?
There are quite many styles of lacing. From a mathematical point of view there could be more than 2 million combination to let a lace passes through the six eyelets...
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