There are many pieces composing a shoe, many of which could not be seen from the outer part of it.

The picture aside shows a shoe section where all layers and parts composing a quality shoe could be clearly identified.

In order for an artisan shoe to be long lasting it needs to have some inner supports holding the foot properly and helping to keep the shape of the shoe within years. These supports are made of a thin but strong synthetic material and they are placed in-between the upper (external leather) and the lining (inner leather). These kind of supports are placed over the toe cap, over the heel part and over both sides of the shoe.

Another kind of support is the one which lies inside the outsole and it becomes structural part of it, it is the plantar arch support. Its name tells its task, it helds up the plantar arch and all the weight of the body. This is an indispensable element for the comfort of our feet.